Bitcoin, more in demand by wealthy Russians than gold? A strange study sows doubt

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Dasvidania to gold? – Although the Russian authorities are not making life easier for crypto enthusiasts, they still seem very interested in digital assets. So, in a study of the preferred assets of Russian investors, Bitcoin and its ilk received slightly more approval than gold itself.

17% of Russian investors buy cryptos

The World Gold Council is an organization dedicated to the gold market . He just published a report on the most popular investments in Russia.

In all, 2,023 investors were surveyed online about their investing habits.

“The rise of cryptocurrencies demonstrates that there is a desire for choice and attraction among retail investors. „- Report of the World Gold Council

Indeed, we discover that cryptocurrencies are the fifth preferred asset of Russian investors, just ahead of gold. 17% of respondents say they have invested in Crypto Engine reviews in the past 12 months, compared to 16% for gold .

The adoption of cryptocurrencies in Russia is debatable

Despite a very restrictive regulatory framework , the country of Vladimir Putin would nonetheless remain rather advanced in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. As a Chainalysis report showed in September, on-chain transactions are very high there , in proportion to the purchasing power of the inhabitants.

The World Gold Council report gives what is certainly a major factor in this surge in crypto adoption: the appeal of the younger generations .

“18-24 year olds are much more willing to take risks to obtain an exponential return (…) around 2 thirds consider investing in cryptocurrencies. “

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Therefore, even if 75% of investors think that gold never loses value in the long term and that 68% consider the precious metal as a good protection against inflation , cryptocurrencies seem to them as an opportunity to even more interesting investment .